Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Fasting is Infectious!!!

People do fast for various reasons; as a religious ritual, for health reasons; to loose weight and so on. However latest reason that has become a fad is to fast against corruption!!! Baba Ramdev has joined in where Anna Hazare left. However one can easily question what Baba Ramdev's trying to achieve here. Baba Ramdev is a revered personality in India; I see him as one of the biggest proponents of Yoga, and one has to give credit to him for this, However getting into politics without as much of a reasonable thought seems uncalled for. We as people of India are sentimental on the issue of corruption. Anyone or anything that seems to provide a reprieve against it is welcome, though we do not actually see the feasibility of it.

Even in case of Anna Hazare, I doubt how many people actually knew his plan of action for fighting against corruption. For people it was enough that someone was fighting against corruption; a hero worshiping nation found another hero to worship till Sachin created another world record. Even many big names associated themselves with Anna Hazare's movement , which meant adding credibility to their names.

The creation of an all powerful Lokpal is like creating a monster to kill another monster. How would one know if the Office of Lokpal itself is not compromised. One needs to ask a basic question, why corruption exists? Isn't it a product of low incomes and high red-tapism in the government offices? I believe an answer could lie there rather than creating another body to monitor corruption.

Interestingly where Anna Hazare has a clear plan of making an all powerful Lokpal to curb corruption, Baba Ramdev seems to have jumped in with no real idea. He also appears to disagree on  the inclusion of PM under the Lokpals purview which the former proposes. Surprising is the fact that government, (the PM himself) is appeasing Baba Ramdev; probably to keep its face in public as Baba Ramdev does enjoy a decent following.

A question to be answered is does fasting for a cause justify itself? One may say harming oneself is a lesser crime than harming other, nonetheless its still a crime.Its a form of blackmailing ; a passive-aggressive approach of communication. The method actually reduces the credibility of the action as one is forced to accept it not because it is the most reasonable choice but because the other person may die!!!

Having said that ;Corruption is definitely one of the biggest evil facing our nation; and in all this drama probably  we may actually see a feasible solution to counter it . 

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Just a test post: read only if you have time to kill

This is a test post. This is the first time I am trying to blog something. Its just an attempt to bring together some words to form meaningful sentences, but with no contextual sense. The only thing this exercise of mine does is to help me to observe my own blog published. Now that I have started writing something I am a bit perplexed as to what to write in a blog. People do write millions of blogs every day ( just a guess! please take the point here) , and I wonder what do they write exactly? I mean to say what is the motivation behind writing a blog? Is it a cheap medium to showcase one's thoughts,ideas and literary acumen? and thus a medium of advertising oneself in a most easy way? or shall we say its a medium of expressing one's spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions?
Whatever it may be, this post is not supposed to answer that question. It's not supposed to answer any question;remember..its a test post, and I think I got enough words here to test it :D